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Dark Horse

Rose Gold Wildflower Honey 350 ml - Raw & Unpasteurized

Rose Gold Wildflower Honey 350 ml - Raw & Unpasteurized

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Wildflower honey from the mountains above Santa Barbara, infused with moroccan roses and 24 carat gold.

Our Wildflower Honey comes from the mountains above Santa Barbara. It is 100% raw and unpasteurized. All 3 ingredients trace back to the medicinal and alchemical practices of ancient Egypt, china and summer. Nearly all mineral substances of Mendeleev’s periodic table can be found in rose petals, while honey has been revered for its antioxidant powers and amazing source of energy. The ancient Chinese cooked their rice with gold coins in it to mineralize their bodies.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Wildflower Honey

About Dark Horse Organic: 

High umami modern pantry staples, hand crafted by chefs in Los Angeles. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients, mindfully sourced and curated. Always made in small batches using the ancient techniques of preservation, fermentation, drying, aging and smoking. A familiar taste, maybe from childhood, maybe your favorite condiment you have been using your whole life, seen through the lens of a 21st century health conscious frame of mind. Treat your gut and treat your taste buds in our modular universe of flavors. Where modern science and ancient instincts meet in the world of deliciousness.

>>The photographs depict our Rose Gold Wildflower honey in previous packaging. Please see first product for new container.<<

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