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It's a Peach! 🍑

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, a Peach is a curated shop filled with our favorite brands and products when it comes to natural beauty, wellness and pantry goods. Everything we sell is tried, tested and loved by us. Our mission is to only carry products that ensure powerful benefit to body, mind & soul with ingredients that are clean, natural and responsibly sourced. We want our customers to feel good about what they buy, what they bring into their homes and what they put in and on their bodies.

  • Product Of The Month: Goldmine Adaptogen Powder Jars!

    Feel you best all day, every day with these amazing adaptogen blends from Goldmine! Take 15% off their products for the month of August!

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  • Recipe: Citrus, Beet & Fennel Salad with 11:11 Dressing

    Super fresh summer salad using the 11:11 tincture from Rainbo in the dressing. Genious! And the combination of fennel & citrus is always a win.🍋

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  • Recipe: Goldmine Supershroom Hot Chocolate

    Sip and feel the stress melt away with this delicious cup of hot chocolate spiked with adaptogens from Goldmine! ☕️

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"Body & Mind are so closely related that if one is healthy the other must also be" - Buddha Bose.